Libtretto and Synopsis features

I like the fact that you can get accurate lyrics for a large amount of tracks. Would it be possible to add synopsis and librettos for opera and song. I don’t know the logistics of this but it would be truly outstanding if this feature was available to classical lovers.



Is this a possibility? It would be great to listen to Verdi or Mascagni and follow the story and words.I’m not sure what is out there though I’ve seen a small amount of sites that offer libretti and I presume copyright may be an issue for later opera and song.

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The thing I’d like to see is a translation of Lieder or other pieces sung ( e.g. in symphonies ) . This is the one thing I regret about changing from LP/CD. I cannot follow the words as I used to which reduces the point of listening and so I have to either get googling or root around my old CD covers to track them down which kind of dominates the point of having ripped them in the first place! Would anyone from Roon be able to tell us if this would be on the cards f?or development

I wasn’t sure whether to start a new thread but thought it would be a bit pointless so I hope I’m not hi-jacking the original suggestion

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There was some discussion on this here. Hopefully it is coming one day.