Licence - change computer [solved]

Sorry but I cant find answer for simple question - how can I move the licence to different computer ?

Thanks in advance

Just sign in on the new computer – you’ll be prompted to move the license over when you choose to set up your library.

Are you looking to move any edits, favorites, or playlists from the first install?

Thanks Mike…

I’m just trying to check what will be better for me… Mac Mini i5 or NUC i7. I’d like to achieve best sound from Roon and my Wadia Intuition 01. Clean install is ok because I’m just trying get to know this software…
But… can you tell me one more thing - how can I delete my surname from my nick ? :slight_smile:


I’m going to leave the sound quality question for you to decide (cop out, I know :slight_smile: ), but Roon performs slightly better on Windows, especially if you have a large library. With a smaller library, I doubt you’ll see any noticeable difference between the platforms, performance wise.

You can transfer that license back and forth as many times as you like, so feel free to try it both ways and let us know which one you think sounds better! :slight_smile: