License for more than 1 network

Hello Roon Team,
I’ve a question considering the Library Server.

At home I’ve a windows 7 PC configured as Library Server feeding other clients on the Network. Works fine so far so good.
But when I’m in the office I want to use Roon although, but as I’m on a different Network I’m in need of the library server running there, or to funcion my Macbook as library server itself.

I can change library server all the time, but I think that’s not what was intended with the possibility to change the library server.

Is there a solution or do I have to buy a second subscription for this to work?

There is no need for both library server doing their job at the same time. Only 1 will be used at a time.

is this such a hard to answer question?

I noticed you have no category set on your topic, which will make it a little harder to get noticed.
Perhaps add the support category?

I have moved your topic into feature requests for better visibility.

As for now, the options are as you mentioned: either change core or add a second license. I like the idea of a second license: when I switch cores at work, I leave my family Roonless, which isn’t always appreciated… :wink:

Maybe a second, discounted license (tied to the same e-mail address and credit card) could be considered in the future?

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This got categorized into feature requests, and not support. That’s why you got the slow reply.

You will either need two licenses or continue to swap the license.



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