Licensing Causing Uneccessary Issues

Stiwtching between two cores in my house i’m constantly plagued by roon app tosing a fit. Then takes me 20mins to sort out when all i want to do is listen to music. I’m sure it’s caused by some sort of failsafe to stop people abusing licenses but all it does is severly punish people using it correctly. I end up in a bloody “unauthorise” merry go round because the process is too cautious against honest users like myself. I sat down 20mins ago to listen to music and it causes such problems that i have to reboot devices and log out and in to qobuz. Fkn over trying listen to music now.

Switching the license between Cores should be relatively painless, so perhaps you could give some more details about your setups, and what, precisely, is meant by the Roon app “tossing a fit”? We’re here to help…

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And why you have two cores

In the same house.

I have a large internal library but trial cores every so often so i find myself for periods switching cores for various setups around the house.

Thanks. I say “a fit” because i can’t tell you exactyl the symptoms. It just devolves into a merry-go-round of:

  • says it’s playing but the seconds don’t progress and no sound. i try other tracks and same, then realise i’m in roon license hell again so try disconnect the other core and open the new core but get minutes of roon spinning wheel. So i reboot the cores and then often have to log out and into qobuz. Then reboot the modem. 20 mins later i’m very not in the mood for relaxing music and my partners got another reason not to bother with the main setups as they’re too much hassle. Notch another win for spotify.

So you may say it’s the modem as yes, yesterday there was a bandwidth issue also until i restarted it but that shouldn’t cause me a roon license issue. Roon should give a grace period on license transfers to account for this. e.g. not toss a fit for an hour or at least put up a counter to show time before you need to be online for the transfer to occur. As i say i have a large local library, the intent of which is that i don’t suffer streaming loss if the internet goes down.

And i’m happy to convey setup but i’ve sffered these roon fits for years now as i’ve moved through various core machines and upgrades. Always the same 20-30mins of pure frustration.

Don’t you have a network? You don’t need to switch Cores to feed your various setups.

As far as I can see what you call setups, Roon calls endpoints and sending a signal to different endpoints from one central Core is what Roon is all about.

The other day, to test out something unrelated, I switched my Core from a NUC to a Mac Mini and the unauthorization/authorization cycle was almost instantaneous.

So, even if you want to continue to use Roon the way you are, there is still a deeper problem with what you are doing and it isn’t because of Roon’s licensing scheme.

I have a Roon core on my Roon Nucleus and one on my Dell XPS 15 laptop. I use the laptop for travel. I have no problems switching from one core to the other. Just go to Roon - Settings - Disconnect and disconnect my Nucleus, then authorize the Dell. Sometimes, when switching to the Dell core, Tidal will be there immediately, but I will need to log into Qobuz, but that takes 10 seconds.

Frequently, when switching to the Dell, I will get a message about database with a spinning wheel, or whatever (can’t remember). So, after a short while, I shut down the Dell core, then restart and that resolves itself.

When switching from the Dell core back to the Nucleus, it happens almost instaneously with no issues at all. If I am getting ready to leave town, the night before, I will switch from my Nucleus to the Dell and give the Dell core time to sync up with Tidal and Qobuz before I leave home.

EDIT: Well, I spoke too soon. When I got home tonight and switched from my Dell core to Nucleus core, I could not connect to Qobuz. Tidal connected immediately. A reboot of the Nucleus solved the problem. I think it’s good to remember, these are computers, not radios. Sometimes you have to reboot some things.

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Hi @Hugo_Sharp,

Sorry for your issues. I have a question.

When you see that it:

What device is this happening on? Can you please provide a date/time stamp for this issue so that if I enable remote diagnostics I can seek answers?


I’ll grab details when it happens next. Though now i see 2.0 requires a permanent internet connection so this licensing issue is going to get a LOT worse.