Life cycle on Linux Distribution [SOLVED]

Dear All

I use Roon since 8 months and I installed this software on Linux and I have two devices :
Server : Operating System = Fedora 25 ; Kernel = 4.13.100 ; Version of Roon = 1.4 Build 300
Bridge : Operating System = Stretch (on Olimex Lime2 ARM v7) ; Kernel = 4.14.18 ; Version of Roon = 1.0 Build 141

@support :
Is it possible to know which distribution of Linux is kept up to date ? I still blocking in version 1.0 on my client

Thanks for your help.

I tend to use Ubuntu LTS (long-term support) releases for stability and maintenance updates for five years. If you’re familiar with Fedora then check out CentOS 7. See

Hello @Martin_Webster

Thanks for your reply. My issue it’s on RoonBridge, no on RoonServer : as you can see I do not have the last version. So I will try to install Ubuntu on my Olimex and check if I can update my “client” to the last version.

But my question it’s to know which Operationg System are kept up to date by RoonLabs for Linux : today this topic is not clear on the Web site of RoonLabs.


Okay, I misunderstood. RoonLabs maintain RoonBridge and this should update itself when new versions are available. You’re already running the latest versions … open Settings and About in your Roon client. The versions of Linux you’re running are just fine regarding updates. :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in Ubuntu for the LIme2 see

RoonLabs deoesn’t update any distro other than Rock, who’s sole purpose is to serve as an appliance OS for host Roon Server. Whatever you run Roon Bridge on is your responsibility to update. Roon Bridge updates via the Roon Client UI in Setting/About.

Yes, you do have the latest version.

Roon + Roon Bridge do not have the same build numbers, as they are built + released separately sometimes.

Current Roon or Roon Server = 1.4 (Build 300)
Current Roon Bridge = 1.0 (Build 141)

Roon will always offer to auto-update to latest if you go to settings->about. We do not hold back version#s on certain linux distributions, or anything like that.

@Martin_Webster : no worries, I installed Ubuntu 16.04 on my Olimex with the same issue : RoonBridge still on version 1.0 build 141

@evand : I’m sorry, but how I can manage the update under my responsabiltiy without any access to the source code. On the web site of RoonLabs : Linux is kept up to date.

@brian : Thanks for all it’s more clear for me now.