Lifetime membership double charge

Hi Guys,

I just took advantage of your discounted Lifetime Membership offer ($449), using the credit card I had on file with you. This was my last day of the free trial. I think I did everything correctly, but it wasn’t clear to me that 1) I wasn’t charged for the 1-year subscription starting today, 2) It looks like I signed up for TWO Lifetime memberships ( no, just one is all I want), and 3) it looks like it wanted me to re-download the software, which I don’t want to do if I have to re-load my extensive library into it.

Please clarify and confirm.



I’m sure @kevin or @mike will be along shortly to help you out!

You definitely don’t need to re-download the software, re-install the software, or re-import your library.

@kevin or @mike will make sure that if something went wrong with the account details, it ends up the way you want it to be.

Thanks for taking the plunge @Ken!

@kevin is going to look into this and follow up, but like @brian said, you shouldn’t have to make any changes in the app at all.

Hi @Ken, looks like @danny sorted everything out for you this morning, you’re good to go!