Lifetime membership including all upcoming Updates?

Somehow i refused spending so much money on something I clearly misunderstood for years…

  1. I thought, who would spend 500 bucks on just another media server software?
  2. qobuz clearly and objectively is the best provider for high quality streaming out there was no way I would switch to Tidal.

Now that Qobuz is on board, I tested roon and now I understand. This is by far the best piece of software I have ever seen in audio streaming, indexing and so on. RESPECT!

Just to be sure, before purchasing a lifetime membership: the 500€ not only include using the 1 core “as it is” but includes all upcoming updates?

Thanks in advance and thank for this great software.


You are correct. From a lifer.

As stated here:

The Roon software is constantly being improved and updates are always free of charge to licensed users.

Thanks. I missed that.

Couldn’t ask for anything better, has been lifetime members since late 2015. Roon just getting better with each updates!

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