Lifetime Membership Query

I was looking to upgrade from annual to lifetime membership and assumed I would get a credit for the remaining part of my annual subscription. I am sure that I have seen this on the forum.
However, the screenshot implies that this now not the case…is that correct?

You only get a credit for your annual membership payment if you convert to lifetime during the first 30 days of that annual membership.

Thanks @Jim_F - the website says that… but a post from the COO in March said this -

Some inconsistency here with messages. No way will I go to Lifetime mid year if this is the case but if what the COO says is correct then I will.

Maybe @danny could confirm?

That is an old message from Danny that no longer applies. Always read the current pricing policy. Read number 3. of that message.

Thanks @Jim_F - the message was March which is not that old actually and the website does not have a date on so no way of knowing if that’s current or an old link or something else.

I am just asking Roon to confirm

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The website does not have a date because it is applicable when you read it.

Hey @Phil_Knowles, happy to clarify, we updated our pricing structure in April after @danny’s post and what’s on our website is up-to-date.

I’ll go update his post so others don’t get similarly confused, appreciate you pointing that out!


Thanks Kevin… that’s a really helpful reply. I hadn’t checked the website as in My Account section and still had that post in the back of my mind. But glad I saw the warning on the bottom of the link. I will wait for my renewal.


There is really no reason to wait other than maybe cash flow, etc. Your $120 annual subscription is sunk cost. A new lifetime subscription will be $700 regardless. Keep in mind that the lifetime subscription price could increase or no longer be available. There is no way to know for sure, but Roon could drop lifetime with no prior notice.


I agree with @Jim_F. If your planing to go lifetime don’t wait. The lifetime price could increase or no longer be offered at any time.


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