Lifetime Memberships

For those who invest in lifetime memberships, some additional items would boost the feeling of ownership and client relations – beyond just a receipt of payment email that one receives:

– Essential: A personalized welcome note from staff members.

– Nice touch: A specific email address/point of contact for any admin or support issues (beyond the helpful general community forum or general email address).

A ‘customized’ welcome message would be easy, just change the name in a text but do you actually read your activation emails?
Do you want a unique message? You wouldn’t notice anyway.
Not essential imho.

One of the strengths of Roon’s support is the great community. You’ll get a quick response for basic stuff and if needed a Roon official is notified.
Why would lifetimers require a separate contact method when the existing system already works so well?


What would be nice is a discounted subscription to Tidal. I love Tidal integration but just find the $20/month fee for lossless a bit steep. I realize that Roon Labs may have no ability to negotiate such a deal but it sure would be sweet.

That’s not the point. A lifetime membership (and even those going at an annual clip) is relatively pricey. That price should provide the product (program) and the service.

The community is a nice thing to have, but as well-meaning as the responders are, they aren’t always on point. That is something that can be frustrating, and is why a direct line - even it’s mere availability - is a customer service essential.

I refer you to this message from @mike - there is a direct line to Roon support here in these forums.


Thank you Geoff, that was helpful.

I think this underscores the issue I highlighted in seeking that directed customer service link. The fact is, that information remains buried in a post. Why? It should be sent with the Roon welcome email or thank you/receipt for one’s subscription.

@JM75 - it’s a fair point. Those of us who frequent these forums get to know these things fairly quickly, but a prominent pointer pinned to the support category would not go amiss at the very least. Nice idea about the receipt email, though. @mike - something to action?

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The “I’m Having A Problem” post is pinned for new users, and I just added a reference there to @support – thanks for the feedback guys.

An interesting issue is that I have sent contact messages to Roon asking how to upgrade to lifetime membership. No response. Email is truly dead, can’t even buy something through it nowadays. Forums are where its at.

Hi @fritzg, good to see you around – I was curious as to why I hadn’t received any responses to my emails to you!

You mailed us via contact@roonlabs on June 30 and September 10, and both times I personally responded to your email within a day. We use a ticketing system to manage our contact emails, so an email remains “open” until an action is taken on it. We do get a high volume of requests, but we work tirelessly to keep our inbox at 0. If you email us and don’t receive a response for almost 3 months in your case, it should be clear that something has gone wrong.

It’s possible my responses got caught by your email’s spam filter, so it would be worth checking your spam folder to see if they’re there. But in the spirit of this thread, let’s take care of this on the forums :grinning:

I just sent you a PM with my responses to the questions you asked via email. Thanks @fritzg!

Yep,@kevin. Caught in the spam filter. Funny, emails from Roon community don’t, but both of yours apparently did. Followed up in PM.

As a lifetimer I beg to differ: Lifetime Membership is cheap (depending on your and the companies life expectation, of course). After paying once, roon essentially is for free after four years.

Also, service is excellent anyway, no need for special treatment.