Lifetime or Annual user extra account/s for testing of setup on new hardware especially NAS

Having fallen in love with Roon inside the trial I upped the anti for lifetime user.

Subsequently I’d now like to do some testing with several other NAS options.:sunglasses:

Is it possible to get an extra account for testing for registered users that can perhaps be tied into requiring the same IP address used when concurrent use is detected?

There are many here who seem to be playing with NAS and would still I’m sure like to have their main library running in another hardware setup.

Please move this post to a different area if it’s better placed elsewhere

Hi Paul,

You are free to install the Roon Core around onto different machines, the only limitation is that you can’t run it on multiple machines simultaneously.

When you fire up the Roon Core on a different machine it will prompt you to say that the Roon licence will be moved to that machine. Once you have finished testing on that machine just shutdown Roon and once again you are free to move Roon to another machine.

It is also possible, should you wish, to transfer the Roon DB across platforms, see FAQ: How do I move my collection to a new folder, hard drive or NAS, Will I lose my edits? in the Roon Knowledge.