Lifetime price increase, $499 -> $699

Oh believe me, I care!

EXACTLY. I’m going to work hard to keep you for the next 4.5 years and beyond by making the best product, not because I have you locked in. Roon will not stagnate. After all, software growth is exponential. We will be right there, pushing that limit.


I don’t know if you considered an incremental increase; I’d like to know how people would respond though… I genuinely have no idea…

We did. It was too complex to model properly, and it’d be insane to raise the price every month!

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I realize you are doing your genuine best and have no ill intent. The quote above does illustrate a lack of consideration for your current customers. You are focused entirely on your own company with little express regard for customer relations. The point of giving current customers a deal on an upgrade window is not so much about you wanting, or not wanting cash flow. It’s about not making your customers feel disrespected and slighted. It’s about building brand loyalty by treating your customers well. Your actions are the antithesis of that.

One day, you will have genuine competition. The winner of that duel will be the one who delivers BOTH a quality product and fantastic customer relations. By offending perhaps 50% or more of your customer base, you’ve made a chess move that lacks the ability to see several moves ahead.


If annual re-subscribes were to immediately take a substantial hit, I’m pretty sure that policies and attitudes at Roon would suddenly change regarding retro-active $499 price eligibility. If subscriptions were month-to-month, and customers could vote more immediately with their pocketbooks, subscribers would be more able to shape policy (in theory at least).

But with annually-based subscriptions, there’s not much existing customers can do at the moment, other than to vent, and then vent some more. And months from now briefly cancel subscriptions (and then a couple of days later resubscribe!).

BTW, one thing lifetime license holders cannot do is vote with their pocketbooks!

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I believe we do deliver on both. I believe the majority of customers feel the same. I’ll keep trying my best and see how this plays out.

In the meanwhile, I would advise you to stop speaking on behalf of all current customers. You aren’t all current customers. If the numbers say anything, “current customers” have decided that $699 is a great deal.

I believe we have it already. I just wrote about it today.


My glass is actually Full; it is half full of a fine single malt, and half full of air = completely full.

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I apologize for any offense. All of my feedback is ultimately driven by a great appreciation for Roon itself. Please accept my comments in that light.


On my own opinion, the mistake is giving better conditions for the new customers on 15 days trial, and 0 benefits for the actual year subscribers, it offends me a little, sincerely.

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Roon is not giving “better conditions” to the new customers. What they are doing is giving people that have not had an opportunity to use Roon for a while a chance to buy the lifetime license at the old price. Existing customers have had that chance for at least a little while. If you had intended to purchase a lifetime license you procrastinated too long. You can still get a lifetime license but I wouldn’t wait too long…

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And that is… better conditions.

No. That is the same opportunity.

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Whatever ROON costs it is worth it. I pay annually and will continue to do so. I appreciate what ROON has done to increase the already considerable amount of pleasure I get out of music.

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After reading Danny’s explanation, I have no problem sticking with an annual subscription to better support Roon. It also allows me to vote with my wallet should the time come.

I should note that I had maybe 6 weeks left on my yearly subscription and had fully intended to go for the Lifetime subscription.

For me, $10 a month is a bargain for something that gets used every, single, day.


As I already said I’m fine for now paying the year subscription, but I personally don’t like what I told u about the 15 trial days, u don’t have to agree with me, it’s my point of view vs yours.

I agree totally, why should customers in a 30 day trial have better conditions/options, crazy, makes me question continuing even though I like the product. Not a well thought through strategy.

I’m not sure you’re on target here. For the most part, customers care more about a quality product than customer relations. To put it another way, if I have to choose a doctor based on bedside manner versus skill, I’d take the latter every time. Obviously, both is better.

I’m guessing this is being done in retrospect, since the $499 lifetime was listed in the terms when the trial period began. Most likely a legal decision. Just a guess though.

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I paid the renewal for the year the 9th of october. Kinda of sucks…
oh well…

But at that time, you could have gone lifetime for $499.
Why didn’t you?