Lifetime sign up before end of trial possible?

Still have 10 days of trial left but would like to sign up as a lifer now whilst the UK/US exchange rate is strong! Can I do that and how? I imagine if I cancel my trial it would still run the rest of its term. Also don’t want to start a new database. Any mod help please??

paging @accounts or @support for you.

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I did two to three years ago, before the price increase. I can’t imagine they would change that.

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You mean you cancelled and could then immediately buy your sub on the same account?

I think I just purchased a lifetime, and it was tacked on. I really didn’t pay that much attention to the mechanics of it, just that I could do it. I’m sure anyone on the Roon team can tell you precisely.

Thanks I’ll wait awhile for a definitive answer, normally with trial accounts they don’t actually cancel so you can do something else, they carry on to the end of the trial in case one is tempted to sub…

Yes, you can purchase a lifetime license during trial. You just need to sign into the account you made to get the free trial. You can do this from Roon’s homepage. Once you sign in there are options to change your account to lifetime license

Thanks but the only option is to cancel the trial

Turns out it was quick and painless (apart from my wallet!) Cancelling the trial, cancels trial immediately and can then buy lifetime right away, no problem. Still waiting to see what exchange rate my bank has given me! Plunge taken!!


Welcome to the club!

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