Like a Cylon warrior’s vid display, back & forth w/o audio

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet from Fios router to Nucleus

Connected Audio Devices

Topping D90 via USB in listening room selected (2 Bluesound Node in other rooms)

Number of Tracks in Library

No storage; just Tidal & Qobuz

Description of Issue

The time elapsed display lights and goes left to right to left ad infinitude ad nauseum with no audio, with the exception of live radio and some errant playlists

Have you done basic troubleshooting like rebooting everything?

Yes, first thing I tried.

I have seen Roon do this with my D90 a couple of times, though not recently. I seem to recall I had an issue with the USB cable.

It has also done this when my wifi crashed since my D90 is fed by a Raspberry Pi over wifi (not ideal but works well most of the time.)

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