Like button ❤️ always greyed out [Resolved --- Track not in library]

QNAP TS453-B (QTS / Roon Server 2020/07/15)

Description Of Issue

I use the iOS app to control everything and I am quite sure this is simply user error, but I’ve yet to get this sorted. When a dope track I haven’t heard before comes on, I want to hit that little heart :heart: button so I can find it again. But when I try, that button seems to be disabled.

Network Details (ASUS GT-AX11000 Ethernet connected via NetGear NightHawk SX-10 Gaming Switch)

Audio Devices (NAD TS758v3 ethernet connected via USB dongle)

Are the songs from your own files, or are they streaming from Qobuz, Tidal, or some radio station? If they are streaming, you can’t “like” them

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You need to add a track or album to your library before you can like it.

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Yep, it’s always a selection that pops up on a Tidal track. :crazy_face: Thank you both, clearly a noob. Cool, so just a few clicks to add it to my lib!

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This might help with the distinctions…’s_the_difference_between_albums_in_my_library_and_albums_outside_of_my_library%3F

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Much appreciated!

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