Limit length folder name music files?

I have created a long folder name for my music files.
folder is named:
“Deel van de Basis muziek bestanden omgezet naar WAV en DSD”

Roon is refusing to scan that folder, however when I reduce it to " muziek bestanden omgezet " it’s ok and it scans.

Is there a limitation to the length of a folder ? in Ropioo or Roon ?

I’ve moved this to #support as this is probably nothing to do with Ropieee (I assume you mean that).

I wasn’t sure, therefore I was hoping someone with better insight would move it when needed Thanks !

AFAIK there are no restrictions through Roon. All restrictions should stem from the OS and the underlying disk format / file sharing technology used. Depending on that, there might be restrictions on file or folder name length as well as total path length.

Hi @Hans_Bogaert,

@BlackJack is correct — Any limitation here would stem from the OS. Can you describe your setup? What is your Core machine? Where are the files stored?

Windows has a folder path limit of 260 characters (257 after drive letter); this can be changed in Windows 10 but I think a registry edit is needed. It’s 1024 for Macs and 4096 in Linux. This includes drive+path+filename.

I have my music stored on a QNAP nas.
Roon is running on a NUC ( Ropioo)
My music is in a folder named:
" Een deel van de Basis muziek bestanden omgezet naar WAV en DSD"
There’s no problem what so ever to connect to this folder via my MAC or the filestation software embedded in QNAP.
Somehow the length of the folder name is to long ?.
When I reduce it to " Basis muziek bestanden omgezet naar WAV en DSD" all works fine again

What’s the full file path? How many characters?

I can nothing on google for ropioo and Nuc so perhaps you can provide more details here

Hi @Hans_Bogaert,

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage?

This is the folder on the QNAP as my Mac sees it
below the a snapshot of roon looking at this same folder but not doing anything
If I reduce the length of the folder then it’s ok

I reduced the length of the folders name and within seconds it start to recognise the content in that folder

Can you expand the folder ending “klassiek” to include files. The path is already over 100 characters in length at this point.

Hi Martin,

I hope that I read your request correctly.
Expand as in you want to see the files that are included in this folder ?

Thanks, that’s correct. I think it’s likely that some folders’ path + filename exceeds 255 bytes (~ 255 characters.)

Having checked, I think this is filesystem limitation for Linux, e.g. for ext4 PATH_MAX = 255. MacOS is 1024 bytes.

\\\Muziek\Roon Ready\Deel van de Basis muziek bestanden omgezet naar WAV en DSD\01 - Verzamel albums+ losse Nummers+ klassiek\Klassiek\Donald Runnicles Atlanta Sympho…Orff Carmina Burana - Eigen SACD\

This are already 214 characters and we’re not down to a file yet. There might also be some missing characters in the place where the … (ellipsis character) is.

Ah ok, Thank you for figuring this out .!


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