Limit to Batch Selection of Albums for Edits?

Hi all.

Just trialing the system and am very impressed as I go through and groom/customize my many albums.

I have about 1300 bootleg albums and wish to tag them as such. Upon filtering via the ‘focus’ and getting the exact number of albums to edit, I select all then edit. Alas, it would seem that upon this selection, the option for ‘edit albums’ disappears. ‘Album options’ and ‘Metadata Preference’ remain.

Doing the same with lesser albums selected at once does work and ‘edit albums’ remains.

While I cannot select an exact number of albums, a bit of fiddling seems to show a limit of 1000 albums can be done at a time for this to work.

Is this so?



Hi @Kevin_Dackiw,

Yes, there is a limit to the number of albums that can be used to access the Edit Albums option at once. The best option would be to make these edits in smaller batches.

You can use Tags to mark what albums have already been edited so you can remove them from the list.

What is that limit, Dylan?

@John_V — The limit is 999 albums.


Good to know. I’ll do in batches!



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