Limited number of discs per album?

I see for a couple of the large boxes how only part of the set has been included, even though all the discs have been placed in the samme way under the same folder (as a set of collections).

More specifically, only 99 discs are shown, also for this album with 157 discs. How can that be? Is there a limit in the software or should I do something special to include them all?

This album/box has been automatically read and identified at the first setup of the system, so I have not done anything myself.

But it says “Unidentified” in the screenshot?

Yes, sorry - but what I meant was that it had been read and arranged by the Roon software without my interference.

Are you sure the file tags are correct? I am not sure about a limit but I keep seeing people talk about 300+ disc sets, so don’t think there is one. Search finds nothing, either.

Side note: What I do know is that adding the file format and random text to the Primary Artists and thereby making the album a Various Artists album, like you seem to have done, is going to mess things up and is probably not a good idea to make Roon less work.


Thanks, I am going to change that - this was ripped a long time ago, and I no longer remember why it ended up as it did.

Just want to make sure, before re-ripping it as FLAC, if I need to aim for a split set, i.e. with max 99 discs in each. But it doesn’t sound like I need to.

Checked the file tags and they were non-standard - no idea why it ended up with 99 out of the 157 discs included, though, but I will try adjusting the tags and see what happens.

Thanks for the inspiration! :slight_smile:


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