Linda Ronstadt: The Sound Of My Voice

I watched this last night. I liked it so much I had to watch it again. Biography, semi-auto. Lots of performance clips.


I went to a concert years ago. The opening act was a rather unknown, talented, cute young woman. It was a very young Linda Ronstadt straight from the Stone Ponies.

Yes, I remember seeing her live in Chicago, mid-70’s.

I had purchased a 35mm Nikon F2 from a guy back from Vietnam. I shot 35mm slides of her at the concert. She was far preferable to the person for whom she opened. I always liked “Long Long Time”

I really like this documentary as well. I saw it last year and am likely due to see it again. I will check to see if it is on Blu-ray. I play her music every week, it seems.

She has one of the most beautiful voices of all time.

If you like that, look for “Linda and the Mockingbirds”. It’s about her love of and recording Mexican music. Streaming in HBO and maybe elsewhere.

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