Lindemann Limetree Bridge, Mimim server and Roon

Advice for a relative novice please. Recently purchased the Limetree Bridge to get Roon compatibility on my main system. With Roon all is good. I use a nuc with the latest Roon software and nothing else installed. My personal library is on a usb drive plugged into the nuc. Limetree with Roon sees that. Limetree without Roon in use, using Limetree app doesn’t but instead shows connection to an older version of library on a NAS (plus Sonos devices). Dealer suggests installing minim server on nuc. Any thoughts? What minim server version might be needed? Could this mess up the Roon functionality? The latter is a must to avoid. Thanks in anticipation. No Wi-fi connections in use. All via Ethernet with switch.

I installed Minim server recently on my Roon Core PC , just as an test, they both ran fine together. I just downloaded the Starter server, which is free.

Just try it, normally I run JRiver and Roon on the same server they play nicely together

Thanks for taking the time to respond Mike. Sounds encouraging. Am I right in assuming that I would need the Linux version to go with Rock on a nuc.

In order to run MinimServer to coexist with Roon Core, you will have to abandon ROCK, and use another OS like Windows.

Ah, well that’s a deal breaker then. Roon currently working fine and whilst I stick with it, there’s little relative benefit in sorting the lindemann app limitation. Thanks

I have Minim Server on my core servers (one of them a NUC) for when I need to test gear that has Roon connection issues. My servers run Ubuntu Server 20.04.2 and RoonServer. This works well, but required quite a bit of Linux command line tweaking, which I’m comfortable with but I’d not recommend unless you’ve been maintaining your own Linux systems already (which I have for a long time).

That would be well beyond what I can presently do. Setting up ROCK on a new NUC was a considerable adventure.


Here’s something simpler that may work for you. I believe ROCK allows the local drives (in this case the USB drive on the NUC) to be accessed from another computer via SMB. If you have another computer around, you could run Minim server on it with the SMB mount of the ROCK drive as its music source.

Thanks again. That sounds right, my various Sonos devices automatically picked up the NUC USB and can be pointed to the NAS. I have other PCs but, the whole point of the NUC was to avoid having them running all the time

Sorry I didn’t mention it, I am Windows 10

Do you have a NAS? You can run Minimserver on that if so.

I do have a NAS, sadly a WDMyCloud that does not allow the (simple) installation of Minim server. Thanks agan for ideas