Lindemann Limetree Bridge

Around 2 years ago I purchased a Lindemann Limetree Bridge which has functioned pretty well over the period. I recently had some problems with it failing to connect via wifi and on checking the Roon setup noticed it was marked as ‘Uncertified’. I found this puzzling as Roon’s site shows it as ‘Roon Ready’ and the Lindemann site shows the same.

I asked Lindemann support about this and they suggested a factory reset would remove the ‘Uncertified’ wording. I tried this and now as well as still appearing as ‘Uncertified’ Roon refuses to allow connection at all stating:

'Unfortunately the manufacturer has not yet completed certification for this device.

Contact the device’s manufacturer to find out when they expect this device to be certified for use with Roon.’

I understood that ‘Roon Ready’ meant full support through Roon and that this issue would only appear for equipment not properly certified. I’ve gone back to Lindemann to query this, but at the moment this leaves me with a device which is an expensive paperweight. Surely it should work with Roon if it is 'Roon Ready?

The Limetree Bridge is connected via a digital connection to a Moon 240i amplifier. It is currently connected via ethernet to the rest of our network (although if it was working via Roon I’d want to connect using wifi again). Roon Core is running on a Mac Pro.

Karen, might your bridge need a firmware update? I believe that when you bought it two years ago, the Roon Ready certification was still ongoing. So, if you haven’t updated the firmware since then, it might still show up as not certified .

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Thanks Andreas, I did update the firmware recently - and it currently shows as ‘up to date’.

Well, if the device’s firmware is up to date and Roon advertises the product as Roon Ready certified, it should definitely work as network-connected endpoint. Let’s ping @support so that you might get a competent answer. Good luck!

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The good news is that, following a suggestion from Lindemann, I rebooted the Roon Core - and now everything is recognised and the ‘Uncertified’ message has gone. Thanks @Andreas_Philipp1 for your help.

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