Lindemann MusicBook 20, USB compatible with ROON?

Hey Guys,

i’m considering buying a used Lindemann Musicbook 20. Currently i’m using Roon via Roon ROCK on a NUC. Very happy with that. I have the NUC connected via USB to my current DAC (Topping d30Pro). The Lindemann Musicbook 20 also has USB in. The specs say:

“Music playback in studio quality (PCM, DSD, DXD) up to 24 bit and 384kHz and of DSD files up to DSD 256 in native mode.”

Is this compatible with ROON, to connect my NUC on this? The device is about 7 years old so i’m not sure.

Here is a link to an image out of their manual:$_86.jpg

Love to hear if the NUC can be connected to this Musicbook and if the quality is good (enough).

It’ll likely work, but what would be the benefit, compared to the TOPPING D30 PRO CS43198*4 Chips XMOS XU208 DSD256 & PCM384kHZ, as it’ll handle the same rates and has balanced analog outputs as well?

Yeah, I know different chips, analog circuitry, power supply, blah blah may sound a tiny bit different if you apply some imagination, but if it’s just your tinkering itch, that needs some scratching, why not…

“Tinkering itch” - good one :-), i certainly have that one but for this sale there is more at play. Currently i have the Topping directly connected to my (balanced) monoblocks.

The benefits would be

  1. analog volume
  2. analog sources available (phono stage)
  3. cd player
  4. app controlled
  5. this would render the topping obsolete
  6. graphic interface aka eye candy

And there are more i expect, but as per my question it has to play nice with my Roon ROCK NUC.

But you seem to think it will.

PS: it seems the device is not 7 years old but much more recent. Somewhere around 1-2 years.

Emphasis on “seem to think”, since I’ve got no personal experience with it!
Caveat Emptor!

OK, question still stands. To emphasize; i’m just looking for confirmation that the USB will be a qualitative connection for my ROCK so i won’t lose my much appreciated high quality of Qobuz via Roon.