Lindemann musicbook:source

Anyone else have this? I got hold of this and matched it with the apparently not sufficiently powerful enough for my speakers power amp musicbook:50 and have been completely blown away by the detail, clarity, separation and wide soundstage that this device offers. Listening with buchardt S400s and am currently feeling like I have reached (on my budget) musical endgame.

It’s on my shortlist. Trying to find some measurements.

I had the Musicbook 20DSD and 55 Amp combination. Very nice indeed.

i have musicbook:SOURCE (with CD drive) and POWER 1000. HP are the ELAC Vela BS403.2
Very good sounds, power and sensibility.
the streaming 4.0 from Lindemann Audio (app + hardware + upsampling) is really one of the best solutions available today.
It’s no longer Hi-Fi, it’s just music :slightly_smiling_face:

To be transparent: I am a Lindemann Audio dealer in France. And this Lindemann set is at the top of my choice.

I ended up with the newer Power 500 amplifier as the one I initially tried couldn’t handle louder volumes. It felt more detailed but lacked the meat. Still very happy with the Lindemann products.

I have the Source and had before the musicbook dsd25. From a hardware perspective and also from sound qualit one of the best systems on the market. But the app … STONEAGE compared to modern design. Only basic functions, unstable and very sensitive for errors. Nothing you can win a price with. I’m still wondering where this enthusiastic test results are coming from. For sure not because of this “app” …

Thankfully, therefore we have Roon!

I have now upgraded to the Power 1000 Amp.


Also Lindemann will be sending out Remote Controls to all Source customers soon, free of charge.

Considering they wanted nearly €400 for the optional extra, I’m very happy. The app is ok, but an RC will make a big difference.