Lindemann Source which is Roon Ready and certified shows up is not certified

I started using a new device from Lindemann called the Source and it’s certified but it shows up as not certified in the software?

Hi @Andrew_Gear1,

I see there is Music SOURCE listed on Roon’s partners page so it should be ok.

I’ve moved your post to #support so the Roon guys will see it and follow up with you.

In the meantime time, I would suggest rebooting your Roon Core as doing so may trigger it getting the latest device certification matrix from Roon’s servers.

Hi @Andrew_Gear1,

Were you able to give your Core machine a reboot like Carl suggested? Was there any change after doing so?

Hello @Andrew_Gear1,

There’s a firmware update out for the Lindemann devices that should fix this issue. Open the Lindemann app on your phone, update the firmware, and let us know if this resolves the issue. You may need to power cycle your device after the firmware update if the device identification issue isn’t resolved.


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I did reboot but not change…I updated the firmware on Lindemann and did a factory reset per their rec but no change and then suddenly it righted itself days later. Strange but thank you for the assistance.

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