Linear Power Supply Fried My SonicTransporter

About 3 weeks ago I decided to replace the Dell switching power supply that came with my SonicTransporter i7 with a linear power supply. I contacted Andrew and placed an order for his custom 19V, 100W linear power supply. When it came in I plugged it on and turned it on. The front panel display showed 19V.

So, I connected it to the SonicTransporter and powered everything up. The SonicTransporter was non responsive. To my shock, the linear power supply display now showed 32V!! Almost twice the rated voltage fried the SonicTransporter.

I immediately sent a text to Andrew with a picture of the display showing 32V and requested a call back. When he returned my call he advised me to ship both the power supply and the SonicTransporter to him. So the next day I shipped both via FedEx, insured for full value ($75 shipping charge). I made it clear to Andrew that I expected that the SonicTransporter to be repaired at no cost to me. That seemed only fair. Andrew later told me that a transistor had failed in the power supply and that caused the problem.

He has had both units for two weeks now and I have yet to get an estimate as to when he can ship the repaired units back. I expect that the damage to the SonicTransporter is significant. Obviously, I now wish that I had never decided to try the upgrade. Remember the old saying, “If it aint broke, don’t fix it”!.


The Dell SMPS at least is designed and certified to international standards and safety approvals - not that SMPS’s don’t fail of course.

Did the linear PSU have any safety approval or certification markings on it?

SGC have always offered 1st class support, so I wouldn’t worry too much. Although I’m sure you’re keen to get a working sT-i7 serving the tunes again, asap.

I did not look for any safety markings. Andrew did say that he tests each unit prior to shipping but something got thru on this one.

I have my trusty NUC i7 running Roon for now but it is just not the same. Responsiveness and overall sound quality is far superior on the SonicTransporter, as expected.


Andrew has repaired the SonicTransporter and replaced the linear power supply. Both are out for delivery here today. He said that a transistor in the power supply failed which caused the overvoltage and said this is the first time he has seen that problem. He tested both units for several days prior to shipping them back to me so all should be good now.

I did get him to install HQPlayer in the SonicTransporter. I like the built in DSP in Roon but this will give me an alternative to try. I used HQP on a Windows desktop a couple of years ago and when the built in Roon DSP came out I used it for convenience.