Linear PSU for a Roon ROCK - Intel NUC i5BNH system

Hello ROON Music lovers

Looking for a cheap one…are aware off the SBooster…maybe there another cheap one out there…
Any hint for my system…and me?

Thnks…from DK

Are you connecting a DAC directly to the ROCK via USB? If not, don’t waste your money on an alternative power supply. It will make absolutely no difference whatsoever in SQ. Only the endpoint device that is connected to the DAC that matters.

Thnks for answer
And yes…My IFI DAC is connected til NUC via usb…thats the way to go…im been told…maybe not!?

It’s not bad, so long as the fan noise from the NUC isn’t an issue for you. Personally, I have my Roon server running in the computer room away from any listening areas.

Ok, thnks again for answer

Been wondering if…i should get AKASA case for the NUC, or a longer usb cabel 5-8 meters
…any suggestions?


I have no first-hand experience with NUC hardware (I use a Dell R230 as my Roon server), so someone else will have to provide their thoughts on fanless cases for NUCs.

For USB, keep in mind that the maximum cable length is five meters. Anything more than that requires active electronics. These fall into one of three categories:

  1. Cheap cables that are unreliable
  2. Expensive cables that are somewhat reliable (e.g., the Corning stuff)
  3. Very expensive industrial solutions that are mostly reliable (e.g., the Icron stuff)

For the money, I’d instead go the route of an RPi3 (or equivalent) to act as a Roon endpoint and run Ethernet…

Why not use a network connection for your DAC? There are a number of them from companies like Sonare and SOtM that will take an Ethernet interface and convert to USB for your DAC if it doesn’t have a native Ethernet interface. Then you can put your NUC in another room or equipment rack with your networking stuff.

Just buy a Pi and connect your iFi to it. Only thing acquired is an ethernetcable and software. I use Ropieee. Very easy install and use.

Buy a Pi,hmm ok…does it mean i dont have to use the NUC anymore?
Which SW do i install on the Pi?

You would still use the NUC for your Roon Core. The RPi would be a Roon endpoint. Easiest way to make an RPi into a Roon endpoint is running RoPieee or DietPi on it, which are preconfigured Linux images with Roon Bridge already installed.

cwichura…Thnks for answer