Linear supply for sonicTransporter i5 and Nucleus

Due to populate demand we now sell a Linear supply for the sonicTransporter. It will also work for the Roon Nucleus or Nucleus+

would love to hear from people who’ve tried this…i have sonictransporter i5.

however would the benefits be tangible: i don’t have my sonictransporter connected directly to my dac…the sonictransporter is in the kitchen…my kef ls50wireless speakers (roon ready) are in living room…so i presume my connection is all wifi/airplay.

You have the Kek LS50 Wireless speakers. The sonicTransporter i5 can talk to them using their native protocol using Roon. Other customers have told me this combinations sounds really good.

thanks andrew. but my question wasn’t about the sonictransporter, as i have that product and really like it.
instead my question is about the linear power supply made for it, which i’m thinking of adding…would it have any effect given the sonictransporter is not attached to the dac…the dac is in the powered/activce kef speakers in the livingroom…but sonictransporter is in the kitchen. i’ve read on a few forums that some people feel the linear power supply won’t reduce noise etc unless the sonictransporter is attached directly to the dac.

I have had some users report that a Liner supply gives them better sound even on the server. I think this is probable because their sonicTransporter is in their listening Roon.

Getting a switching supply out of your listening room is always a good idea.

I your case I don’t think it would matter much.

I bought Small Green Computer LPS 100w, 19v from Andrew’s recommendation to power my i7 AP Sonictransporter. I have been very pleased with improved SQ and I have a nice system running the signature RenduSE into Schiit Yggy upgraded Dac.

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I looked only found 200W LINEAR POWER SUPPLY.

Correct, not on his web site but he can obtain or make for you. I believe he gets case from hdplex and customizes. Send Andrew email and he should be able to help you get the same one he made for me

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I don’t have it on my site at the moment but I can sell you one if you want. It’s a custom product. Not HD-plex.

Small Green Computer also sell an opticalRendu package that “galvanically isolates all system noise” just before the DAC. The opticalRendu replaces the player in ROON (or elsewhere) and I can attest that it works great. The package only needs one LPS for the opticalRendu because every other noise source is removed via the Fiber Optical conversion. Works great. Full Package is less than $1700 and 30 day satisfaction guaranteed