Link in bio not appearing

Hi @support!
AllMusic just updated the bio of this artist (see image) and some of the links to albums and artists (that are present on AllMusic website) do not appear in Roon. It never happened to me before and I cannot understand if there is a way to fix it.


I think a little patience will fix this. Updates like this take a little while to propagate through the Roon ecosystem.

It also matters what you have in your library. If you have “Beware of Darkness” in your library then it will be a link, if not, then it won’t.

Here is my Neal Morse:

Notice Snow is not highlighted. That is because I don’t keep that album in Roon, I have it in other libraries. The moment, I move a copy of that album into a Roon watched folder, Roon will add the album and update the links. So, I moved Snow over and…

You will notice that Snow is now linked.

Some time ago, I posted a feature request for all such links to be active.

I was not precise in my post. I have all of his albums, so the missing links remain a little mystery to me. In addition, if I re-identify the albums having missing link, the latter appears, but when I close the application and re-open Roon the link is gone another time.

Hi @Marco_Bisi,

Would you possibly be able to reproduce this issue and record a screen capture of what you’re seeing in Roon? I’d like to pass this along to the team for further investigation.


For sure, I’ll record a video. Thank you for your interest!

How can I upload a short video of this issue that I recorded? In this chat it seems not possible to upload videos.

Hi @Marco_Bisi,

You can upload the video here:

Let me know once you’ve sent it over!

Alright, video uploaded! Thanks

Thanks for sending that over, @Marco_Bisi — Our team is looking into this.

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