Link to audio device lost

Roon Core Machine

Rock, Prime Computer Mini 5, 1.5

Networking Gear & Setup Details

fritzbox 7590 via ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

  • Sonos Connect Gen. 1 and 3 Sonos Play via ethernet
  • Lindemann Limetree Network II via ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library

5,000 tracks

Description of Issue

roon lost link to Limetree device and won‘t re-connect. Link to Sonos Connect works.

Not much info about the circumstances, but did you try the ubiquitous reboot recommendation yet?

sure did, Marin. Thanks. Rebooted the fritzbox router, two fritzbox repeaters, the sonos system, rock core and Limetree device right after noticing the problem - about a week abo. After rebooting the device would play but shut down after about 10 minutes. And ever since Saturday it won‘t start at all.

Bad news, really - hope @support will be of more help… fingers crossed!

Just to be clear for support, it refers to the limetree?

yes, refers to the Limetree, sorry about any imprecision.

To get it straight: after Marin’s tip to reboot I rebooted just the Limetree, again. And now the status is as last week. Roon links to the Limetree device but stops playing after just about 10 minutes. To share a further impression I have: seems to me I can play any radiostation i.e. Linn Classical, Radio Swiss Jazz indefinitely. As soon as I switch to CDs at 44/16 or HiRes the music stops after 10 minutes.

Hi Hans,

Fellow user not official suppport. Some additional info would help.

  1. Are you playing local files, or, internet files. If both, is it stopping on local files as well?
  2. Are you doing any upsampling or other DSP? If so, try turning all that off and test by playing local CD files only to see if it makes a difference.

If you have local music, where is it stored relative to the Roon Core?

ad 1: just internet streaming (Qobuz hires)

ad 2: can‘t test by comparing to local files, because I don’t have any - anymore

back to square one: like the last couple of days, Roon does right now not connect to the Limetree device anymore. After rebooting this afternoon it did connect no played for ten minutes, then stopped. Now, just like last week, it does not connect to Limetree device anymore. Roon will link with my Sonos system though, and play as ever.

Well, I would go to the 2L website and download a CD quality test file to have, its free, and good to have on hand for diagnosis, 2L High Resolution Music .:. free TEST BENCH Add it to your Core as a local file and then put it on repeat and see if it drops out. If it doesn’t, then try downloading a higher res file and testing it.

If the local files play back, then it might be something with your external internet feed. If the local files fail, then it might be something with your internal network and/or Limetree.

I would also encourage you to send a query to Limetree as well, to see if there techs have any suggestions. Your symptoms suggests that the limetree itself stops responding to Roon.


Rugby (is it that what you are called?),

thank you for pointing out the 2L website which I was not aware of so far. That seems a practical way to find out whether external or internal feed problems exist. So far I thought the external feed was ok. Everything apart from Roon/Limetree works.

I did contact the Limetree service team this morning and received the standard answer: Lindemann Limetree works fine, could there be a problem with Roon?

I might try your 2L suggestion tomorrow, too frustrated today. But thank you anyway for your time and effort.


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It is my username, you can call me Daniel as well. :smiley:

Based on my “feeling” the problem being internal between Rock Roon Core and Limetree I did a re-start of the Roon Server Software on Rock which took about a minute to be completed, plus I did prioritize data for the Roon core in my router settings (fritzbox 7590) and this is the result: Roon connects to Limetree and plays not just internet radio (320 mbps files) but also Qobuz streams (44/16, 96/24). So far no interruption and it has been playing for well over an hour now.

So, let me see what happens next.

Special thanks to Marin and Rugby who made an effort to solve my problem!



Glad to have been of some help!

So, after a little research on Roon version history, here is another, probably final, status report on my “Roon lost link to audio device” problem.

As to possible causes for the link gone missing I have looked at the history of Roon version 1.8 builds and it seems to me that up to build 884 which went live in December 2021 there were no problems related to Roon connecting to the audio device. Then, 16 days ago build 898 went live and that might have caused the trouble. Time wise the going live of build 898 and my problem of loosing the link to my audio device coincide. Now, this morning I installed build 903 on Rock and so far the problem has disappeared.

So, maybe despite all my other rebooting, re-starting and what else I did, the loosing of the link was really caused by build 898 - and is history now that build 903 is running.

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