Link to system volume control

I’m trying out Roon streaming Tidal to my Raspperry Pi / DAC using Roon Bridge. Before this I was using the Tidal desktop app and streaming to the same Pi / DAC via Airplay.

I have found that I am unable to control the output volume using my system volume controls (which are always accessible as my keyboard has a volume wheel on it, as well as a play/pause button)

So to change volume if the phone rings for example, I need to find the Roon app, and hit the keyboard shortcut to change volume or use the slider. Which is a PITA if Roon is behind other apps.

It would be good if there was an option in Roon to ‘link to system volume’ - ie nudge the Roon volume slider up and down in response to system volume changes. Doesn’t sound too hard to do? I can’t be alone in wanting this? Keyboard volume controls are very common.

Without it I’m not sure I can live with the hassle, just for the slight increase in bitrate/fidelity of RAAT over Airplay.

Alternatively, as others have requested, if you opened up a basic Applescript dictionary (I’m on a Mac btw) then I could probably hack it myself - maybe via Alfred. But native support would be better.

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Thanks Rob - native support would be ideal. It’s 4 years later than this post, and I still have the same issue with my Mac - if it could be sorted some time so we can mute or change volume using the standard Mac function keys (regardless of which app has keyboard focus) that would be nice little thing to make Roon even more of a pleasure to use in the background while getting on with desk work