Linkable album storage location

Please make storage location (see image below) linkable to the folder that contains the album as it happens for tracks.

For me it’s useful when I have to copy files, convert them or manage folder image and inthis way I would’t have to click on 3 dots of a track, click view file info for a track of the album and click on Open Storage Location.

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You want to fill the interface with paths? Not for me please… Only if optional!

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No I don’t want to.
I’d only like to have the already existing storage location (that you see in the first image) linkable so that if you click on it it opens album folder.
Forget about the second part of my post that can be misleading; in fact I will delete it now

Ah OK. Well it does, if it can. I think it depends on whether you’re standalone or on a remote, and what exactly the file systems are. @brian has already explained that it would be a nightmare scenario to try to make it open as a link in all different setups.

Ok but if it works for tracks (see under) I thought it would be feasible also for albums but maybe it isn’t so easy as I thought…

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Oh I see. Didn’t understand you correctly. It doesn’t “work for tracks” in that it only works in some circumstances, which was what I thought you were complaining about. Sorry.

But your idea - to have album links to folders, not just track links - has some logic to it, indeed!

Yeah, there’s no reason why this can’t work for albums in the same circumstances when it works for tracks.


Good news!
So maybe I can have a little hope for this request?

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It’s on the list…not sure when it will get done. Probably next time we are messing with that screen.



Thank you!

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Well, it’s four years since then… Still no linkable storage location.

Another seemingly small feature request that’s denied or forgotten.

Any chance of getting this done? :pleading_face: