Linkin Park mixup

Roon is seriously mixing up artwork and track listings for these two Linkin Park albums when I ask to see the album in Tidal. The situation is even more confusing when I try to force identify the albums:

Minutes To Midnight:

I have several tracks from the two starred in Tidal, and many of them are showing up in Roon in the wrong album as well. Again, the force identify operation becomes a confusing quagmire of incorrect data.

NB: I have parts of both albums in AAC versions purchased from iTunes. Those few songs seem to be tagged and sorted correctly. Another LP album, The Hunting Party, sorts properly in Roon from both Tidal and my local tracks.

Here are the properly matched track listings at allmusic:
Meteora - Linkin Park | Release Info | AllMusic
Minutes to Midnight - Linkin Park | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

EDIT: Just to clarify, the track listings for both problem albums in the Tidal app itself are correct. The data is getting mixed up in Roon when it’s pulled from Tidal.


I agree. Apparently a big metadata mixup on Roon’s part, I believe. It seems to be correct on Allmusic and Tidal, yet the wrong tracks are pulled into Roon.

Maybe flag @joel and @eric. Not sure if Joel is available yet.

Cheers, Greg


Not sure this was ever fixed? My copy of Meteora is attributed to the Vitamin String Quartet’s tribute album. I cannot seem to get Roon to find the original Meteora album. It allows the Tidal albums to be the Linkin Park ones though.

Thank you.

It is now. As usual, could take up to a week to propagate through to your libraries.