Linking artists with bands

The example I will use is Henry bogdan of Helmet who I know is also a member of Battles, however I can find no way of linking these two.

What do you mean by “linking them.” I am just curious because there already may be ways to do this. Also, are you sure he played for Battles? I remember it being Helmet’s old drummer that ended up in Battles, not Henry Dougan but I could be wrong.

Ha, of course it’s John stanier, more the fool me!

Say then for example I have an artist that has a pseudonym on just one track on a comp. how can I link that?

what exactly do you mean by linking? and is this artist the main artist of the song or are they like the guitar player for the band that is considered the main artist? Do you have a specific example we can try?
Usually what you do is go to that song and click on the three dots, then go to the edit option. A new window will pop up and on the right there is an “edit track” tab. Click on that and then you will find a “Credits” section where you can find “edit credits”. You can then add that artist as a “Primary Artist” and this will cause that track so also show up under that artists name

you can also look at THIS page. Go to the “Types Of Edits” section and there is a section on editing links. Hopefully that helps.