Linking audio zones

Sorry everyone. I know this is me being stupid but how do I link zones? The tutorial online doesn’t make sense as what happens on my Roon doesn’t match.
Thank you and merry Xmas

Hi Michael click on the zone icon and click group.
You will then see a list of all the compatible devices

Hopefully that helps you


Thank you for helping but I don’t see what you see when I click on the audio icon.

Have you set it up as a private zone?
In which case you won’t be able to link it

Hi Michael.
I have no idea!
I assume I therefore need to go to settings. Audio and try and disconnect the zone and start again?
Appreciate your help,being completely useless with any technology!

Look in the audio settings for the device and see if it flagged as a private zone and switch it off so you can group it.

I am assuming it is in your PC directly attached therefore private zone would probably have made sense

Thanks Michael.will have a look when I have more time. It’s all set up on my iPad using innuos zen mk3 as the core.
Many thanks for your help again.

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No problem always have to make time for a fellow Michael.
Enjoy the music

When you group audio zones, in my opinion affects the sound quality

That is quite possible as there can be micro delays by pushing the audio to multiple zones at once.

It’s convenience over function but if you want music in multiple zones then that suggests that it is not critical listening so for most of us, maybe it is an acceptable trade off.

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Hi all. Just come back to this as still can’t play multiroom by linking devices. My endpoints aren’t marked as private so don’t know why I see something different when I open up the zones. Should I uninstall my devices and start again? Cheera

It seems you don’t have zones capable of linking together.


Kitchen looks like some Sonos device? You need another Sonos device to link with but it looks like you don’t have one.

Lounge seems to be a USB connected Chord Hugo DAC? You need another RAAT zone to link with but it looks you don’t have a suitable one available (currently, read below).

Michael’s iPad can be used for grouping with the Chord DAC if you make it a public zone (disable private) but this is probably not what you want anyway.

Thank you for that. Yes I’ve got the Hugo out from the innuos zen (acting as roon core) and then a sonos one in the kitchen. So you’re saying they can’t be linked together then?
Was hoping to have the same music playing in both rooms should we ever have a party again!