Linking new Wikipedia article to Roon?

I just created a Wikipedia article for a composition (Messe Cum Jubilo, Maurice Duruflé). I wonder how to link it to Roon (it does not appears yet). I suppose Roon uses Wikidata, and an identifier, to find the composition. I have carefully created the Wikidata entry (Q117716252 - Wikidata) with all identifiers I can find. Which identifier does Roon uses (VIAF, AllMusic … ?) . How to make the link with Roon ?

You should add it as an external link to the relevant MusicBrainz Work.

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Thank you ! So your main Id is MusicBrainz. Good to know. You should also use Wikidata, who have also the MusicBrainz Id. Wikidata is more close to Wikipedia than MusicBrainz, and you are sure to find all Wikipeda article with it (it is not the case with MusicBrainz, and this duplicates WD work in MusicBrainz). You can retreive the WD id (and all WP articles linked) with a SPARQL query (Wikidata:SPARQL tutorial - Wikidata). I’m sure a lot of WP links, especially in non english languages, are missing in MusicBrainz.

I’ve done it : Mass “Mass "Cum jubilo", op. 11” - MusicBrainz but does not appears on Roon…

There’s not a real-time coupling between the two. It takes time (up to a week?) before the metadata in Roon will get updated.

Try to think about Wikidata ! :wink:

Thanks. As the others have said, it will take a day or two for it to show up for browsing music, up to a week for music already in your library.

I should have been more specific though: you needed to add the Wikidata link. I have done so to save you the trouble.

OK. Adding WD link is better, indeed. This needs a manual action though, and Roon may miss new WP article on new composition. Maybe Roon can periodicaly do a SPARQL query on WD to retreive missing WD link in MusiBrainz (and add it to MusicBrainz maybe ?)

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Interesting idea.

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