Linking old analogue amp to new Roon system

Hi, I have just upgraded my system in one room to Roon along with a new HiFi system.

However, I now have the guts of the old system. (analogue Acoustics Research amplifier and some KEF speakers)

I’d really like to hook them up in another room link them to my wireless internet and control them from my existing Roon Core (Inuuos Zenmini).

What could I use as a reasonably priced source for my amplifier that would link to the internet wirelessly and do the necessary DAC in a room which is never going to be acoustically brilliant.


Hi Chess
there are quite a few alternatives for your old system. In your situation I’d go for this: with the Ropieee image .
This is a cheap, but high quality RAAT device. Difficult to beat… requires wired ethernet to work well though…