Linking Roon to Qobuz with different email accounts

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Lenovo laptop Windows 10

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Roon works perfectly with my Tidal account but when I link to my wife’s Qobuz account I can import albums but when I try and play them I just see the dot below the play triangle moving from left-right-left and the track never starts.

The objective is to compare Qobuz and Tidal with a new hi-fi system and as I had Qobuz ages ago and dropped it, I cannot sign up for a trial with my email (as used for Roon).

The subject of the thread is misleading; you can sign into Qobuz, but can’t play. This could be network-related, so please fill-out template in more detail as described here.

Additionally, can you confirm is this happens with all tracks regardless of sample rate and bit depth.

Is your wife’s account an active one or maybe in suspended/trial mode?

As it happened to me before, make sure your wife is not using Qobuz at the same time!

Thanks for the suggestions. It seems there was some conflict over audio drivers. Rebooting the computer solved the problem (although no longer have the option of a specific dac audio driver)

If you provide details of the DAC and the type of driver, someone may be able to assist.

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