Linking Segue Songs

Is there any way within the confines of Roon to link Segue songs? For example, I have a rip of the Steve Miller Band Greatest Hits album. On that album there are the songs “Threshold” and “Jet Airliner”, one after the other. On the radio, these two songs were always played together as, effectively, a single song. There are many other examples out there but this is the one that is fresh in my mind.

Is there any mechanism within Roon to link these songs so that the radio plays them together?

If not, this should get move to the “Feature Request” sub-forum.



Any insights on this? If it should be a feature request, please move it.


Yes, it’s a feature request. I’ve moved it there.

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Thank you!

Or like “Eruption” and “You Really Got Me”. +1.

Or 60% of Pink Floyd songs. This would be a very useful feature. I think this would work best if it read something from an underlying file tag because that way the work in identifying segue songs would not be limited to use within Roon. A custom tag…

I have always wondered why most (all?) players don’t have this feature. It seems like a no-brainer. Roon, with its database, should be able to handle this no problem. If all I did was listen to complete albums this really wouldn’t matter. But I often use the radio and it really bugs me to hear songs without their lead in pieces.

It’s the same with ZZ Top Waitn’ for the Bus and Jesus Just Left Chicago. Yes, this is a feature that is needed.

There are many of these in my library.
BEATLES: Mean Mr. Mustard - Polythene Pam
This one is abrupt

Nice feature request.

I believe Foobar2000 has a group tag to address this on shuffle

I am new to Roon and was surprised I could not do this. A good number of live albums have great segues between songs with bridges and guitar solos that should not be broken in the middle. Bob Seger Live Bullet, Travelin’ Man to Beautiful Loser should be one song for listening purposes although it is recognized as two. Every user is going to have their own ideas about this so some sort of lock so the songs work as a pair, move one to a playlist the other goes with it, and as mentioned Roon radio.

Has there been any thought about implementing something that would answer this feature request? Apparently JRiver supports this via some tag mechanism.

I don’t remember the albums involved, but I’m sure I recall Roon recognizing some related cuts as a sort of “suite” and plays them all together. I think they were even individually numbered. So Roon must have a mechanism for this, just not end user modifiable.

Was that “Work” or “Part” from their treatment of classical music? I wonder if that could be a workaround?

I honestly don’t remember. I thought someone else might know. If I run across it again, I’ll post the info.

I’m not familiar enough with the linking of tracks with classical music, but Roon does do that. If that metadata is editable, and I think it is, then the two Steve Miller tracks can stay 2 tracks but be one work, and by that mechanism, linked for a segue. Shouldn’t need this workaround, but I think there might be a way to do it.

Its not that straight forward. For example, if you had track 1 Piano concerto 3 in Gminor - Andante and Track 2 Piano concerto 3 in Gminor - Allegro, then you would make the Work field “Piano concerto 3 in Gminor” for both tracks and the “Andante” and “Allegro” was in the individual part fields.

So for Steve Miller, you would need to make up a connecting work name, like “Album Opener” and then put the track titles in the part fields. This would then generate in the Roon Album view a “track” called Album Opener composed of the two connected parts listed by their individual track titles.

To illustrate, I went and linked 3 songs on Alice Cooper’s welcome to my nightmare using Work/Part. I had to create a work so I called it the “Nightmare Suite”.

I would love this feature as I primarily listen to playlists and there are literally dozens of songs that I would love to hear “daisy chained” during shuffle play.