Linking to Apple Music to Nucleus+, problem with dynamic IP address

Core Machine- Nucleus Plus, 4TB
Remotes- IOS devices
Audio- Rotel A14 amp with internal DAC
MacBook Pro running Mojave

I have recently purchased a Nucleus Plus (4TB) from my audio dealer and overall am very happy with it. I was able to link my Apple Music (iTunes) to it an it had been working well. However, the other day I came back from the office where I also use my MacBook Pro and Roon was unable to see my Apple Music. My IP address had been reassigned either by my office router or home router. So far I’ve been unsuccessful in assigning just my MacBook Pro name as a folder, only the IP address which is dynamic, not static. My MacBook Pro name is “MacBook Pro (3)” with the imbedded spaces. I’m wondering if the embedded spaces are a problem and correct syntax to put in the folder name or if Roon is always finding the device via the name and then internally referencing the IP address. Any assistance with having a reliable way for Roon to reconnect to my MBP when it is connected to my home network would sure be appreciated. Thank you.

Hello @Robert_Trimbach and welcome to the Roon community :wave:

Congrats on a Nucleus+! We’re delighted it’s working well so far.

As far as the issue you’ve mentioned, you should be able to add your MAC by name as well (not just IP address). Have you tried:

smb://MacBook Pro (3)/ INSERT FOLDER NAME

The instructions are listed here.

Please, let me know how it goes or if I missed anything.

P.S. Any chance to set a static IP for your MAC?

Hi Rebeka,

Thank you for the quick response. I have tried “smb://MacBook Pro (3)/itunes” and receive the message “Could not connect to share: Host not found.” This just does not seem to work. However, I did find my a different syntax for my computer under “system preferences/sharing” and it is “MacBook-Pro-3.local.” When connecting with \MacBook-Pro-3.local\itunes it all works fine. I’m all set and this is reliably reconnecting after being on other networks. Thanks!


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