Links from Now Playing hang in some cases

Complex behavior, but I’m pretty sure this description is accurate. It’s repeatable. Fairly recent, I would say a few weeks, but I was offline for a few weeks before that — likely most recent build.

On my iPad, I bring up the Now Playing page, and I can follow the links: album pages, artists, composers.

But if I have been doing something else, like reading on the web (or writing this!), when I come back to Roon the links dont work, it hangs with the Roon logo, “Loading…” Only way to break out of it is to shut down the Roon app (which isn’t easy on an iPad!) and restart it.

(Nothing wrong with playback.)

And here is a really arcane case: if I click the Close X in the upper left, it sometimes works and sometimes not. Specifically, if the previous location was something else in a Roon, like another album or artist, I can close NP and get back to it. This works even if the previous page was the same album, reached through some other navigation. But if I have tried to get to the album or artist through an NP link, it is as if that page is poisoned, I can’t get to it through the X either.

Complex to describe, but completely repeatable.

(On two iPad Pros, 9.7” and 11”.)

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