LINN Akurate not responding @support

Having issues starting roon
System is not finding AKURATE DS Katalyst despite being connected to the same network, system running and compatibility has been checked

@Dirk_Neumann - What is your Core and where is the Akurate connected? Is it connected to your Router or through a switch/range extender? Can you post a screenshot of your Settings -> Audio Tab?

– Noris

Hi Noris,
Thank you for your kind reply. The system is connected via a Apple airport express. I am running the system without a NAS at the moment as it is broken. So it is a LINN Akurates DS/3, Qobuz and the Airport Expess. The internet Router is from Deutsche Telekom and is connected via a devolo device to the Airport Express

I guess my Linn Akurate is the CORE

Hello @Dirk_Neumann,

The Linn Akurate cannot act as a Roon Core, it is only a Roon Ready endpoint. To get Roon working with your setup, you must install Roon or a Mac or PC and run in Roon Core mode.

If you are already running Roon in Roon Core mode on a computer, check and make sure that your Linn Akurate is on the same subnet as the Roon Core. You can see the audio devices in the Settings > Audio screen in Roon. What you would be looking for is the 3rd number in the IP addresses you see to all be the same. For example, 192.168.1.x.