Linn DS, Roon & Kazoo setup question

I am trying to figure out 1 simple issue. When using Kazoo I see my NAS library, LP12, AV2 & Qobuz as inputs. AV2 is linked to my TV surround sound setup, which my Klimax preamp is generally set to. If I then use Qobuz or my NAS selections on the Kazoo app then the preamp changes the input to DS Music,(Analog 1 on my Konfig setup) and all is fine. However if I use Roon Remote app and the input on the preamp is not already on DS Music then I have to physically go to the preamp and change the input from AV2 to DS Music in order to get the music coming out of my speakers. On my Kazoo setup there is an Inputs button which when clicked shows Analog4 and 5, and on the main screen it shows AV2 and LP12 but nowhere can I see DS Music as an input and change it to that? Can someone advise what I am missing here? Thanks Ian

Your missing nothing. Roon cannot control those options as Linn in Roon does not use RAAT and thus does not expose the controls for Roon to use. Endpoints that are fully Roon ready can also if the manufacturers allow it allow Roon to control inputs, power etc along with standard play controls. My Naim Atom can as it’s fully RAAT. Linn chose not to go full RAAT and thus Linn’s Roons support is limited to play controls and volume. Kazoo is Linns own control app so it will have these extras features.

OK thanks. I’ll check with Linn what the solution if any might be. Thanks

The solution is, is that you will have to use Kazoo and Roon side-by-side to get full-functionality.
That’s unless Linn embrace RAAT.