Linn DS volume ‘out of sync’ with iPad when using hardware remote on 831

Roon Core Machine

NUC8i5BEH with 16GB RAM, running ROCK, with latest - 831 - version of Roon

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ISP provided router and Netgear GS 108 switch

Connected Audio Devices

Linn Klimax DS/3, connected by ethernet and running latest firmware

Number of Tracks in Library

67k tracks approx.

Description of Issue

I liked the idea of lock screen controls but having played around I’ve found one thing that’s an issue for me.
I use a remote with a Linn KDS (Roon Tested) to quickly raise, lower or mute the volume as it’s quicker than grabbing the iPhone or iPad. Previously to 831 if I adjusted the volume using the remote, the apps would reflect that change. They no longer do. My startup volume is set at 30. Whatever I do with the remote the apps display 30. If I use the physical volume controls on the Apple devices to change volume, the apps reflect the change, but unless the volume was still at 30 when I started, the volume displayed is out of sync with the actual volume.
E.g. I start playing music, but using the remote push the volume to around 45. If I go into the app (still displaying 30) and use the side buttons to increase the volume again, the app will display 31, 32, 33 etc., but the actual level shown on the KDS will show 46, 47, 48…


Editing to add: If Roon Remote isn’t running, and I mute the volume using the Linn remote, when I next run Roon Remote it brings the system out of mute straight away, which is not something I wish to happen.

Well, strangely, things are much better today, the only issue I now have is that the buttons on my iPhone and iPad still control the volume even when the lock screen feature is disabled, if the app is in focus.
I don’t know if this is intended behaviour, but things are mostly back the way they should be otherwise.


Hi @Michael_Curtis, this is expected — Hardware controls in the app work regardless of whether you have lock screen controls enabled.

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Ok thanks for that, Dylan.


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