Linn DSM Timeline

Hi @Catello_Vitiello,

Thanks for sending those logs over, they have been attached to your case and passed to the technical team for further review.

Hello @Catello_Vitiello,

I wanted to update you here and let you know that we have reached out to Linn regarding your report and a few other similar ones and we are still investigating this behavior, we hope to have news to share soon. I appreciate your patience while this investigation is underway!

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Hello @noris,
any chance to solve the problem?
It seems to be getting worse!

Hi @Catello_Vitiello,

I just checked the internal support ticket we have that is tracking this issue, and I don’t see any new updates at this time. I will ping our hardware team to see if they can provide any other information, but unfortunately I don’t have anything new to share from my end at this time.

Hi @Catello_Vitiello,

I spoke to our hardware team and we wanted to inquire if you have updated to Roon v1.7 (build 505) yet? We have made a few buffering changes in this release, and we would be interested to know if the logs still look as before or if anything has changed.

When you have a chance, can you please note the exact local time + date this behavior next occurs and send me a copy of your Roon logs by using these instructions? Thanks!

Dear @noris
yes I have updated to Roon v1.7 (build 505).
The behaviour occurred again on 11 december 2019 18:23 when I skipped from Fhear A Bhata (Rebecca Pidgeon) to Band on the Run.(Paul Mc Cartney)
After this I skipped to other songs with some few good results after pausing and playing another song.
But you can see it in the logs.

Here the link to my logs

Best regards,
Catello Vitiello

Hi @Catello_Vitiello,

Thank you for sending these logs over, I have forwarded them to the technical team for closer inspection.

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