Linn Endpoints Disappeared From Roon

Hey @noris there’s something not quite repeatable going on between Roon Core and Linn endpoints similar to what @rob2020 describes. I have two Linn systems, Linn Klimax and Linn Kiko. Both have disappeared from Roon at different times recently, and the only way to get them back was power-cycling them. The Kiko was actually totally frozen, I could not wake it up from the Linn app. I have also a Pi-based endpoint that never disappears. No managed switches between any of the audio-relevant devices on my home LAN. The problems started relatively recently. I suspect that some interaction between recent Roon and Linn software is causing this, as I had zero problems from when I got my first Linn system last summer and a couple of months ago. Happy to help test if needed.

Hi @Fernando_Pereira,

Thanks for letting me know your experience here, I have split your post into it’s own thread so that we can troubleshoot this further.

Could you please let me know which type of Core you’re using and the network setup? I know we ask this a lot, so apologies if you have to type this often :slight_smile:

If you could also note the exact local time + date of the issue’s next occurrence, it would be useful in case we need to go down the diagnostics route.

Also wondering here, if instead of power cycling them, does disconnecting the Ethernet cable and plugging it back in also resolve the issue?

Core: NUC7i5DNHE running Ubuntu Server, recently updated to 20.04 LTS, SSD
Networking: Ubiquiti EdgeRouter PoE-5, dual WAN with separate modems (Xfiniti cable + Sonic/AT&T DSL), combination of cat 6 and MoCA bonded Ethernet over coax (Actiontec), Netgear GS105E switches. AmpliFi WiFi (just for control points). Core and endpoints have static IPs set on the router.
Endpoints: Linn Klimax System Hub 4.75.360/Fw1014; Linn Kiko DSM 4.75.360/Fw836; Pi 2 Design Pi2AES+Pi4B RopieeeXL 2.462>Schiit Yggdrasil A2
Except for changes in the Ubuntu version, this setup has been stable since I got the first Linn system last summer.

Hello @Fernando_Pereira,

Thanks for the setup details! If you could please confirm the other question, it would be much appreciated:

Thank you!

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