Linn Klimax DSM 2024 disappears from Roon after standby mode, requires reboot to reconnect (ref#JH8MMX)

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Describe the issue

After stop streaming with Roon to my Linn Klimax DSM 2024 and put in standby, the Linn disappears from Roon. With the Linn app I can stream. Only after full power cycle or reboot Linn is coming back to Roon. Issues since last Roon update.

Describe your network setup

HP 1810-24G switch. Glas fiber connection to LHY Audio switch with external Clock. Cat 8 cable from FHY to Linn.

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I have the same issue. After switching sources on my Linn Klimax Roon disappears when the system is put into standby. I contacted the Linn Helpdesk and they are aware of the issue. They told me that it will be fixed in the next Davaar firmware update. Don’t know any timelines…

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Thanks for posting this. I’d been trying out a Stack Audio SmoothLAN and thought it was causing issues, but it looks like I have this problem instead.

Since the latest update, my KDSM randomly disappears from Roon when put into standby. This is still happening when put back into the standard network configuration, so it looks like it’s not the SmoothLAN to blame !

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