Linn Majik DSM, Linux, and Roon?

I am moving away from Windows to a Linux only system. I run a LInn Majik DSM driven by Asset UPnP/Kazoo. (I never understood exactly the different roles of Asset and Kazoo, or why there had to be two separate bits of software).

My music files (mostly .flac files ripped from CDs) are stored on a dedicated Music_ M: drive on the same PC as the Linn Kazoo software. These files are backed up on a WDMyCloud NAS and on another PC. I do not want to go through all that again!

I have an iPad (OSX 11.4.1) and an iPhone 5, and a very old Sonos multi-room system.

My problem is that all that Linn and Sonos stuff runs off WIndows 10. Neither Linn nor Sonos have plans to release Linux compatible software.

I would like to run all this, or something similar on Linux. I realise that the Sonos system might have to go - the sound quality is not the best anyways. Is Roon the answer?

I know nothing of the Linn product line but Roon has been integrated into Linn’s family of DS network music streamers, so yes, you can switch Roon Server to run on Linux.

Thanks evan, that’s useful to know. At least it’s a start.

You can run Roon Server on Linux but you cannot use that PC for control as it will have no graphical display for Roon. You need to be thinking i3 at least and have Roon itself on an SSD for best performance, but it will work OK on lesser gear. Control can be via Android or IOS, preferably more modern hardware. It won’t run on old iPad 1, 2 or 3’s. You can run the Roon trial in Windows for a flavour of the Roon experience then migrate to Linux if you like it.

Thanks. I realise about the GUI on the PC (i5). I didn’t realise that Roon would run best on its own SSD though. I have a 240GB mSata SSD - I guess I could use this?

Will I need a separate app for the iPad? It’s not ancient and it runs iOS 11.4.1.

I take your point about the free trial on Windows!

Not necessarily needs its own SSD it will run on any boot disk the computer has but it’s recommended for speed of the database to have the core installed on an SSD boot disk. You also don’t need an iPad just for remote you can install the remote app any iPad thats up to spec or a Windows or mac pc. I tend to use whatever is free at the time.

OK, I get all that. Sounds good.

Just on the database, I hope Roon doesn’t automatically build a music database from my NAS! I don’t want the boot SSD choked up with music files!

The Roon database doesn’t contain music files - they stay where they are. It’s metadata, library info, links to media locations etc.

Phew, simon got me worried for a while. Thanks, Steve.