Linn Network setup with Core on the Cloud

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Linux on the Cloud with a fixed IP

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

So Core on the cloud with fixed IP and firewall open to my house IP for ports just like that
Then wire connection to my LINN Akurate DS

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Network player Linn Akurate DS

Description Of Issue

My roon server can’t see my local Akurate DS.
I see in the configuration that it is looking in the same IP than the server. Which is impossible because, one in on the cloud, the other is home.
The Controler is on the same network than the Akurate.
Can this setup be changed. I can’t.

Before being on cloud, I tried roon locally. It did see my Linn Akurate.

Any suggestion to change this setup ?

thanks for helping.

I’m just a (somewhat experienced) user. I have Linn systems successfully connected to local Linux cores in two locations. From other discussions on this forum, Roon over VPN is tricky. One basic thing is that the Roon core, endpoints (like your Akurate) and remotes (controllers) need to be all on the same subnet.

I doubt core in the cloud is supported so you may need help from the tinkers on the forum.

Thanks for your reply.

I really think that Roon should consider going to Cloud and let organize music centraly, in order to serve several places. Nowadays, with fiber internet, we have bandwidth and latency allowing this.

In that respect, if Roon is not moving, there will be a competitor soon offering that.

Business model of Roon is focused on software and user experience, that exactly what we should expect from the license fee they are requesting : New stuff, Innovation, and up to date strategy.

If any Roon employee read that, this will make me get out from Roon and looking for alternative.

Best regards

Where you live that may be a possibility, it is not possible in the majority parts of the world. Everyone can use a local PC.
And I hope you find a better offering than roon that meets your needs.

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Hi ged_hickman1,

I don’t live in a first world country like US or Europe.
And I have 2 fiber connexions, including a country side place, more than 20 km away from a city.
So it’s coming, may be you’re not willing to see that it is coming.
I will therefore stop my Roon experiments.

As I’ve been an IT cloud architect for some years I know all about running services in the cloud. However, I also know that it is only feasible in certain territories and even in some other markets, only for those with deep pockets. The cost to roon of dissatisfied customers and the extra support they would have to provide, at this moment in time outweigh any customer benefits.

I guess for this Roon would need to become a streaming service or partner with one as they don’t own or have any content the will require a distribution licence.

If you look at the Apple method they only upload tracks that they don’t already have in the cloud.

Unless Roon change a storage fee and you back your music into a Roon cloud for mobile or access anywhere.

Personally I no longer use an offline library it’s all Qobuz favourites so effectively I’ve moved to the cloud.

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Plex tried this model years ago, it was a disaster and they returned back to local server model.

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