Linn playback stops, remote not updated, timestamp in logfile not advancing

(Sebastian ) #1

Hi @support,

I have to report an issue that has been around in the forum for a while but seems not properly addressed as of now:

When playing content to one of my Linn streamers, Roon remote (tested an Andoid, iOS and Windows remotes) stops updating and eventually music stops playing as well. Roon core logfile keeps displaying that it’s playing to the Linn but the timestamp of the song is not advancing. The Linn is continuing to play and may even start new songs from the queue while the logfile stays on timestamp and song where remote does no longer get updated.


roonserver on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server running in a VM on Hyper-V on Windows 10 Pro, VM configured to dynamic RAM 16GB max. and 4 cores

Network: 1GE LAN; VM, clients and remotes on subnet
Linn clients failing: Linn Akurate DS/3, Linn Klimax DS/0, latest Linn firmware

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Linn Akurate / Music stops / Roon Remote not updated
(Noris) #3

Hello @Seb_S,

You mentioned that this behavior occurs on the VM but does Roon behave as expected if you run it on the Windows 10 platform?

I am wondering if this issue has something to do with Linn-specific zones since they require the subnet set in Roon Settings -> Setup and am wondering if there is an issue traversing the VM environment.


(Sebastian ) #4

Hi @noris ,

thanks for coming back to me on this. I have sucessfully set it up using a NUC based on ROCK in the same network. Linn streaming subnet setting is correct. For security reaons I do not want to set roonserver on the particular win 10 workstation that runs the VMs natively but the failing behavior does occur as well when both the VM and the host are completely idle except roonserver. The VM does have a dedicated virtual network card for the Linn streaming subnet. So it is either the VM network stack or the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS that is causing the issues.

Since I intend on using heavy DSPing in a multizone environment, having this on one of my servers / workstations in a VM or similar would be best instead of a NUC.

I found a very similar issue reported by @papa.jay in the following post that is not yet closed:

Linn Akurate / Music stops / Roon Remote not updated:

Here the server runs Ubuntu based as well (but on a NUC not a VM). I wonder if there is something with Linn, roonserver and Ubuntu.

Is there any particular Linux distro that you are recommending instead of ROCK (which lacks VM integration services obviously)?

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(Noris) #5

Hello @Seb_S,

Thank you for providing that information. We are going to try to reproduce this behavior on our end and if necessary reach out to Linn in regards to this issue.

Ubuntu is a popular linux distro among our customers but I can’t say for certain that this issue is related to the Core operating system.

I have asked out hardware team to look into this further. While I can’t comment on a timeline of when I’ll have an update for you, do know that we are looking into this further.