Linn players not playing 192kHz 24bit file


Innuos Statement


Everything connected via wired ethernet

Audio Devices

Linn Klimax, Akurate and Majik, via ethernet


When I try to play a locally stored hi-res file on any of the Linns the playing stops and starts and the sound drops out. The file is a FLAC and not MQA. Thanks!

Hello @Josh_Raymond,

Can you please provide some more context as to how your Core and Linn devices are connected to the network? Are they all connected directly to the router or are they connected through a switch/range extender/powerline adapter?

Does this mean that lower sample-rate/bitrates work as expected and this issue just affects higher-resolution content? Does streaming content (TIDAL/Qobuz/Internet Radio) work as expected?

Hi Noris, thanks for the quick reply.

All Linn devices are connected via a SoTM network switch, which connects to the router.

All other content works well, including hi-res, both local and streamed. I’ve just noticed that the one 192kHz file I own doesn’t work.

I thought it might be a problem with the file itself and so played it using my iMac as an endpoint. It played fine on that (though was converted to 96kHz)

Hi @Josh_Raymond,

Can you try another 192kHz file to see if the issue reproduces? You can download a few samples from the 2L Test Bench (right-click on the file size -> save as).

Hi Noris,

Same problem. I downloaded one of the samples in 192, and the time indicator on the bottom of the screen (time elapsed in track) doesn’t move along, and then the music cuts out and only plays intermittently.

I tried the same tracks from the given URL, everything works perfectly and sounds great.
I have the Linn Klimax DSM (with Katalyst) and run the latest Roon release on a Mac Mini.

QuinnT how interesting. I wonder if it’s to do with my server that’s running Roon…

Hi @Josh_Raymond,

I would try bypassing this switch for one of your Linn devices, the switch might have something to do with the issue.

How odd. So I bypassed the SoTM switch with my Linn Majik, plugging it into the house’s main switch instead. Got a message from Roon saying ‘the version of Roon you just installed requires a database update’. It sorted itself and the files played fine.

The thing is they then also played, and are playing fine on all devices, when I brought the SoTM back into the loop with the Majik.

Won’t pretend I have any idea what happened, but it is working and I am happy!


Hi @Josh_Raymond,

That’s strange, but glad to hear that the issue sorted itself out :+1:
If there are further difficulties just let us know and we can take another look.

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