Linn Remote Skip / Next functionality


i have seen the request over the past years several times, but it is still missing. Would be nice that Skip or Next functionality would be addes to linn remote. As earlier post suggests, this should be done on the Roon side.



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A working Linn remote with Roon would be very nice indeed. Now when I press pause it selects and plays the next track. Annoying really. Issue is there fir quite some time I hear. Please resolve this issue?

It would be nice, but it requires some additional coordination between Linn and Roon, because Linn uses its own “Linn Streaming” protocol for its Roon integration, not Roon’s RAAT.

As Roon uses the Linn Songcast protocol fro Linn DS’s it would be very easy to solve by also using the songcast protocol for previous, next, pause, play etc.

I dont quite understand why this issue exists in the first place. Annoys me as well.

Linn remote buttons to work properly with Linn is something we’re looking forward to. All Linn users using Roon would much appreciate this.